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The features of the Fexes

Three reasons, why Finsterwalder gliders are so popular:

star1   Good flight  characteristics

Good flight characteristics are a result of the optimum functioning together of many different construction components: Sail cut, elasticity of the sail battens and leading edge tubes, geometry of the glider frame...

Years of optimising at the Finsterwalder works have resulted in an optimum mix of the Fexes.

As opposed to competition hanggliders, that achieve their performance with a high aspect ratio and pay the price in terms of poorer handling, Finsterwalder's concept for allround hanggliders is for a relatively compact surface furnished with an anhedral. In this way performance is achieved by minimal batten cross-setting. This special concept makes it possible, to combine excellent flight characteristics with astonishingly high performance.

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Due to the trouble-free turning characteristics and the advantages of the anhedral when thermalling, even less experienced pilots can achieve good performance with the Fexes.
In the meantime the Finsterwalder concept for intermediate gliders has been copied frequently, but to date never bettered.

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star2   Unique short pack possiblity of 2 m

All Finsterwalder gliders can be packed down small to 2,00 x 0,35 x 0,25 m with the Snap-Lock System as well as the usual lengths of 5,50 m and 3,80 m.

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The Snap-Lock System has been perfected over many years by Finsterwalder, the sail is removed from the glider frame. This is especially long lasting for the sail and makes possible the use of stiffned leading edges.
The Snap-Lock System with specially developed quick release fasteners designed by Finsterwalder makes it possible to dismantle or assemble the glider without the use of tools within 10-20 minutes.

The Snap-Lock System is very advantageous when it comes to transporting, storing, checking and repairing.

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Today this is the only super short pack system for hanggliders, that is used on a broad base..
In our shop in Munich we will be happy to demonstrate the short pack system free of charge (appointment necessary).

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star3   Unbeatable light and sturdy

Thanks to high quality materials and a technically mature construction, the DHV-test runs were unable to damage the Fexes even by top speeds.
Years of hard usage in flight schools have shown, that despite the considerably lighter weight and the short pack possibility our Fexes are just as sturdy as any other glider on the market. All construction parts have proven their longevity. Thanks to their high quality used Fexes have a high resale value.

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We use only seamless drawn tubing from 7075 T6 alloy with a stregth of 650 N/mm² of special dimensions prepared for Finsterwalder. Those tubes are eddy current-tested, mechanically polished and anodised internally and externally.
All Fexes are delivered with super light-weight airfoil AEROFOIL® and AEROSAFE® king post and A-frame uprights and forged, aerodynamically shaped fittings from avitation aluminium.

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Assembly videos of the Fexes' 1,9 m short-pack system