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Update PARALOCK separation carabiner

Separation carabinerLimited pre-series available!

Finally, a pre-series of our new universal paragliding carabiner is available in a small edition. It allows the separation under load in emergency situations. However, since the manufacturing process of the PARALOCK is very complex, serial production has not yet started.

The production is about 4 times as expensive than that of a conventional carabiner, because the PARALOCK consists of three Titanal forged parts instead of only one. The forged parts "Body" and "Lever" also show big differences in their cross sections and therefore have to be forged and complexly machined in two stages. To achieve the required high strength, the hollow axle and the locking bolt are made of hardened chrome steel. In addition, two Teflon bearings are built in.

We now want to make the PARALOCK available to a wide range of pilots to use their feedback in series production.
Pilots who want to test the PARALOCK can contact us by e-mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) and purchase a pair at the price of 156 €. There is an extended 4-week return policy. Smaller quantities are now also available from selected sales partners.

Heated Gloves

Charly´s innovatives Li-Ion Akku-HeizsystemCharly's innovative Li-Ion battery heating system
Unlike less flexible foil-based heating systems, which can only be installed on the back of hand and fingers, the soft textile heating wires of Charly's heated gloves run along the sides of the fingers and and over the fingertips. ...more info!



KORTEL DESIGNThe new generation of Kortel T-BONE LINKS is now available from Finsterwalder & Charly and its dealers! Thanks to their user-friendliness and fatigue strength at a weight of only 10 g per piece, the Kortel T-BONE LINKS are a real alternative to conventional karabiners - especially in the Hike & Fly segment, where every gram counts!
...more info!




Speed system separation linkSpeed system separation link

Innovative speed system separation link for QUICK-OUT / PARALOCK carabiners ...more info!



New tests performed for opening safety of the DIAMONDcross

dc-news-1200Already during the development of the DIAMONDcross, the topic "entanglement of the rescue system with the main glider" was crucial for diverse product details, which have been certified with additional tests far above certification criteria during the summer.

The most dangerous situations for a rescue system becoming entangled with the main glider are SAT-like rotations after tangling up. This was simulated by holding collapses.

>> to the videos and more infos!

Naviter Oudie 5 XC / Oudie 5 PRO

oudie5-newsThe Slovenian Vario manufacturer Naviter launches version 5 of the popular Oudie. Like its predecessor, the Oudie 5 is available in two versions, XC and PRO.

Both versions are equipped with the Fanet+ & Flarm module. ...more info!

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