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PL-Hook Buckle

pl-montageDouble-button buckle with hook securing for outdoor use. Breaking load approx. 9 kN. Available for belt widths of 15-44 mm.

  • Pleasant ergonomic button operation - also when wearing gloves.
  • Maloperation is excluded due to construction.
  • Less weight and greater strength: Up to 1,100 DaN tensile strength by only 39 g!
  • Available for various widths of strap; special widths available when ordering more than 1,000 pieces.


hsi51 hsi512 hsi510
HSi51 HSi512 HSi510
Art.Nr. Article Br. load (DaN ~ kg) Weight (g)
HSi51   PL-Hook Buckle 13, hook 13 mm 960 22,0
HSi512   PL-Hook Buckle 44, hook 44 mm 650 32,3
HSi510   PL-Hook Buckle 25, hook 25 mm 912 30
hsi5110 hsi513 hsi7000 hsi7300
HSi5110 HSi513 HSi7000 Hsi7300
Art.Nr. Article Br. load (DaN ~ kg) Weight (g)
HSi5110   PL-Hook adjusting unit 25, with round stamped tempered steel clasp 1.100 23,5
HSi513   PL-Hook adjusting unit 44, with Titanal clasp and sliding bridge 960 21,0
HSi7000   PL-Hook non-adjusting link 25, stainless steel (without clasp) 960 22,0
HSi7300   PL-Hook non-adjusting link 44, tempered steel (without clasp) 1.100 24,6