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Rescue systems for hanggliders


 DIAMONDcross delta light       

The sensationally light and small DIAMONDcross rescue   
systems by Tom Grabner are also available for hanggliders.  

The Features of the DIAMONDcross delta light:  

Reduction of weight and packing dimension due to   
high strength lighter material and dyneema lines   

Extremely low sink rates by lateral drifting of the cruciform canopy   
in diagonal direction and its pendulum-free condition   

Rapid deployment by fanned out canopy   

New type of inner container which makes deployment   
easier and minimizes the risk of tangling (cravats)  

Modell DIAMONDcross
delta light 125 neu
delta light 160 neu
delta light 220 neu
Max. load: 125 kg 160 kg 220 kg
Flat surface: 30,7 m² 41,0 m² 59,2 m²
Weight: 1430 g* 1750 g* 2460 g*
Sink speed:

4.5 m/s @ 125 kg

3.5 m/s @ 85 kg

4.5 m/s @ 160 kg

3.5 m/s @ 110 kg

4.5 m/s @ 220 kg

3.5 m/s @ 160 kg

Volumetric value: 4700 ccm 5300 ccm 7300 ccm
Certification: EN, LTF EN, LTF EN, LTF
Article number: HFa195/125HG
HFa195/160HG HFa195/220HG
Price incl. Rotor: 987,00 € 1.113,00 € 1.417,00 €
Preis without Rotor: 898,00 € 1.024,00 € 1.328,00 €


DIAMONDcross delta light manual- and packing instruction

Charly round canopy rescue systems for hangglider

Charly HG   Biplace - rescue system Duo 200
Countless documented and successful deployments have proven the Charly's dependability and efficiency.
Small pack measurements. 
Surface 36 m², max. towing capacity 125 kg, weight 2 kg, DHV-certified.
  Detailed construction, top quality double canopy rescue parachute for the shortest deployment time and minimum sink values. One of the few parachutes with a DHV-recommended hang-in weight of 200 kg. Surface 55 m², weight 4,00 kg. max. towing capacity 200 kg, DHV-certified.
HFa110 Charly HG 549,00 €   HFa193 Duo 200 HG 999,00 €
HFa161 Add. for Rotor 89,00 €   HFa161 Add. for Rotor 89,00 €

Rotor for Rescuesystems
In emergency situations ULs and hanggliders can develop a spinning motion thus wrapping up the rescue system. The Rotor prevents this.
We recommend, that you let your system manufacturer sew in the Rotor at the end of the canopy lines in the main bridle strap. This can best be carried out at the next pack-inspection.
Equipped with loops, the Rotor can be integrated into the end of the main parachute strap by the pilot himself.
Weight only 120 g, 3 sets of bearings, tested up to 5000 kg breaking load, DHV-certified and recommended for all Charly hangglider- and UL rescue systems, if built-in by the manufacturer.

  HFa160 Rotor 72,00 €
  HFa161 Rotor with straps resp. with fitting 89,00 €
Overview of all Charly-HG-rescue systems
Pack meas.
Descent speed in m/s
take-off weight
without Rotor
100 kg
120 kg
160 kg
Charly HG
2,08 kg
28x26x10 cm
    125 kg
638,00 €
549,00 €
Duo 200 HG
4,00 kg
35x32x17 cm
200 kg
1088,00 €
999,00 €