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Sak II


Kortel Sak II

The SaK II is a reversible and removable backpack-airbag designed for Kruyer II and the Karver II.

The SaK and Kruyer II / Karver II combination allows total flexibility. And if you add the front mount reserve all types of flight become possible. The SaK is attached to these harnesses in 2 minutes by six points: two under the thighs; a hollow in the lower back; two at the back; and one in upper back. Adding the SaK II also improves harness comfort and precision. The lateral triangle adds an adjustable lumbar support and a more direct action on the wing through harness steering. The SaK II can potentially fit on any other mountain harness. Just add the appropriate fixings.

SaK II is equipped with fixings for an axe or walking sticks, and mesh pockets. Its lid is reversed in airbag position and turns into a pocket to store things without interfering with the proper functioning of the airbag.

SaK II has been designed so that you can block the ventilation holes between the lower and upper chambers of the airbag with a single patch of Velcro, which can be left in place. Thus, the airbag can be adapted in a minute for use as a tandem passenger harness, thus further increasing the versatility of Karver II and Kruyer II.

Weight: 985g


Kortel Sak IIKortel Sak IIKortel Sak IIKortel Sak II

Kortel Sak II Kortel Sak IIKortel Sak IIKortel Sak II


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  Kortel Sak II (Wenderucksack mit Airbag f. Kruyer II + Karver II)